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Stone Crosses
Most Dorsetshire villages had stone crosses before the rash of Puritan ideology swept through the countryside in the 17th century. These pages explore what is left of Dorset's stone crosses as well as photos from the end of the nineteenth century.
In the years around 1900, Alfred Pope conducted a survey in Dorset and found the remains of 61 crosses. Only one of these is Saxon, the remainder later, probably 1300-1500.
Blandford had a cross at the west end of the market street, where butter and cheese were sold, according to Hutchins. It appears to have been removed around the time of the fire in 1731.
Tyneham had a stone base at the top of the hill on the Corfe Castle road, and and ancient stone cross in the rectory, about two feet high. It is not known what has happened to these now.

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