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Wimborne St.Giles
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Two miles south-west of Cranborne lies the mansion at Wimborne St. Giles. This 1896 view betrays little of the age of the house, which was begun in 1651 by Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, later to become first Earl of Shaftesbury.
Before this, however, the Malmayne family were established and the manor passed to the Plecys, whose male line became extinct towards the end of the fourteenth century. The heiress married Sir John Hamely, but there were no children and the property went to Sir John's daughter, who married Robert Ashley. The house has belonged to the Ashleys and Ashley Coopers ever since.
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Two rooms inside the mansion, early 20th century
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The 1930 views of both the house and gardens.
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The church and almshouses adjacent to the mansion, 1920's. The almshouses were built in 1624 by Sir Anthony Ashley.