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Great Houses
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Great Houses
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Dorset's great houses and manors were built from Tudor times onwards. Dorset's Tudor /Elizabethan houses are similar in style to those in Somerset, but others are unique, relying on the local materials, and abilities of local architects and craftsmen. In Hutchins' Survey of Dorsetshire he points out that Dorset's houses are mostly in valleys:
"for the most parte the Gentlemens Houses are seated, for avoideing those sharpe blasts which this Southerne Parte is subject to."
The main materials used were Ham hill stone, Purbeck / Portland stone and brick.

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right, Upcerne Manor.
Walter Tyndale's paintings of two of Dorsetshire's great houses, Melbury left and Waterston Manor right.
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below left, Edmonsham House
below right, Anderson Manor
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